City Life

City Life is the first collaborative project between Jeannelle Ferreira and J. Cecelia Haytko, begun when Jeannelle and her wife searched for more inclusive literature for their children.

A simple rhyming picture book, appropriate for toddlers through young children, City Life chronicles a day’s adventures of a young child with two moms.

City Life is available for pre-order starting 8/30/2010, with expected ship date on or about 9/8/2010. ETA: The books are in, and ready for shipping!

If you order from Books For All Families, you can get the book for $12.95 including shipping in the US. (For those outside the US, shipping is $4 for the first copy, $7 for 2 copies. Please contact us at BooksForAllFamilies at gmail dot com if you’d like to purchase more than two books at a time.) You also have your choice of autographed or not, as well as having the book made out to somebody you care for. If you would like it autographed and/or made out to somebody, please e-mail us at BooksForAllFamilies at gmail dot com at the time of your order. Thank you!


3 responses to “City Life

  1. Ladies, I’m posting a link to the book on my Persimmon Frost blog. Is it okay if I use the graphic of the cover in it?

    Hope sales are going well!

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  3. Is there a way to get the relevant info (ISBN, etc) so I can ask my local library to order a copy? Thanks!

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