Monthly Archives: September 2010

Thank you!

We just wanted to take a moment to thank everybody who’s bought the book. What do you think? Any reviews/comments? We’ve gotten some personal notes, but feel free to share them here.

We have one copy that needs to be run to the post office, but aside from that, everybody who’s ordered should have their copy, or have it shortly.

In exciting news, we’re more than halfway through our stock, which is a really heartening response. It would be amazing to have to order more. The book has traveled around the globe, even going to the UK, Sweden (who of you is from Sweden?), and Australia!

Thank you for all your support.


Up up and away

The first 20 copies of City Life, off to new homes!

They’re here!

A quick one, as I’m waiting for services to start, but the books came tonight!

We’re so excited to get these out to you. I think everybody who’s ordered has let us know if they want theirs signed, by email or comment box on paypal, but if not, let us know! And remember, you can order on the City Life tab up there.